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The West Copake Reformed Church was organized in 1758.  We are affiliated with the Alliance of Reformed Churches, the oldest continuously worshiping denomination in the United States and part of the church of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.  We are the inheritors of a rich faith tradition-a living testament to God’s keeping power and the observation that all history is really “His Story.”

In colonial times, our church denomination was known as the “Dutch Reformed” church.  Historical records suggest that our church includes descendants from the Palatine Immigration of 1710, who were mostly Lutheran or German Reformed.  They considered the Dutch church to be an acceptable substitute, since it was similar in belief and practice to their own.

Many names in our cemetery appear to be of Palatine origin, including: Commer, Chrysler, Drum, Dinehart, Finger, Finkle, Holsapple, Link, Niver, Schutes, Simmons, Strever, Tanner, Tetor, Wilsey. Other names found in the old church records of 1783 include: Decker, Ham, Hiserodt or Hoysradt, Koontx or Coons, Miller, Prisie or Brisie, Proper, Richter or Righter, Rockefeller, Ryphenburgh or Rivenburgh, Shook, Streible or Strever, Zilbernagel or Silvernail.

In view of God’s faithfulness over all the years of our long history, we give thanks to Him who promised to sustain his church.  We also rededicate ourselves to the mission to know Christ Jesus and to make him known.  We invite you to worship with us and join us in this mission.

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